Sunday, January 22, 2012

Justin at 10 Months

He turned 10 months on Christmas Day. What a fun day!!!


J 10 months face

Justin loves to people watch. In fact, he’ll stare you in the face so hard it’ll make you wonder if you have food in your teeth or something funny on your face. He takes a little bit to smile at you but when he does, it’ll warm your heart. His smiles are usually followed by flailing of arms and legs in pure excitement! He gets around; not by crawling but by scooting and rolling. If he finds something he wants, it may take several minutes but he’ll eventually get to it. And he’ll celebrate by flailing his arms and legs in excitement while still laying on his tummy. It is the cutest thing ever!

We love Justin so much, what a joy he has been in our lives. He’s babbling and wants to talk but the words just haven’t come together yet. Communicating with his hands has become his new way to tell us he wants “more” and when he wants to “eat”. He’s still exclusively drinking breast milk which, I feel, has kept away any sicknesses.

J 10 month standing

This child LOVES food – anything you give him, he’ll try and will probably eat. No teeth yet but I see little white buds which I think will make their way through soon. How I’ve loved his gummy smile over the past few months!

His precious feet have been looking great. He’s putting more weight on them and enjoys trying to pull up to stand.