Monday, February 13, 2012

Justin at 11 Months!!!

Little J is such a sweetheart! How hard it is to believe he’s nearing a year old. He’s been such a joy in our lives. Content and patient describes him to a “T” these days. So much so that I thought he’d never crawl. Finally, at 11 months, he did! He’s working on pulling up but will take his time on just about everything he wants to do. Very patient child (so far).

J with sign bestA new tooth (the first tooth) – on the top.


Standing  with support.



DSC_8155J faceJ smilingJ with finger in mouthtoes 1

J is wearing 12-18 month clothes, size 4 shoes. Loves to be tickled, loves his brother. He thinks everything Troy does is the funniest thing ever! So cute!


Donna said...

What a sweet boy- you can see his sweetness in the pics. Love the pic of him in the swing! What a punkin!

Jenna Schrock said...

Awww... That "first tooth smile" is priceless. I love your shots. They're absolutely amazing. Yes, just when we though our kids won't grow, there comes your Justin at 11 months with his first baby tooth - such a sweet moment in parenting.