Thursday, March 22, 2012

Justin? Justin is ONE!!!

Oh my how time flies! It flew so much that I procrastinated in posting something about Justin’s birthday! For now, I’ll post some pictures of his big day.

His birthday fell on a Saturday so we were able to celebrate on the actual day he turned one. It was a beautiful day and he had a blast! The rookie parents we are didn’t think a baby would grab a candle. Oops! Small mistake led to big tears but went away fairly quickly.

Waking up the morning of his birthday. He was special and got a break on his braces that night!

in bed

Happy Birthday banner, cake pops and cake. I made the decorations with my new silhouette. Well, I made the banner for Troy’s first birthday but made Justin’s name for him, of course.

bannercake pops and standcake

Cupcakes. I made the inserts, cars, etc. The cake pops were also made by me and were delish!

cupcake towerfood

Sweet baby!

j with balloon

Time for cake! Happy Birthday (he was captivated by the singing).

getting his cakeafter he grabbed the candle

Darnit! Seriously? Why would one leave a candle burning in front of a one year old?

A very guilt ridden mother!

oops candle

Oh yummy! Cake tastes good! Much better.

eating cakeJ in chair with balloon

J with his (very responsible) parents!

with mama and daddy

Our little family!

fam color 2