Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Troy visits the dentist…

For the first time. Some people would shun me but at 2 1/2, I didn’t think it was too late! After all, he rarely has anything sweet, only drinks OJ, water and milk and doesn’t get gummy candy. He’s good about brushing his teeth (or letting us brush them) and I figured he’d be okay. It had nothing to do with his mother forgetting to take him earlier, of course!

The visit began with the train table. Brilliant! If only it wasn’t so hard to get him away from the trains and onto the exam!

playing with trains

Oh, you see that “super hero” cape? That has to be the third obsession. In fact, he wear it ALL THE TIME. If we’d let him, he would wear it to bed, to Goli’s and even to the bathroom. We try and catch him before he goes to the bathroom with it. No accidents (so far). Colt and Addie gave it to him for Christmas and I’m so glad he now loves it!

Okay, back to the appointment. He met Miriam and was a trooper! She was fantastic and you could tell she had experience dealing with “first timers” like Troy. After letting him play with the instruments, including squirting water and air, she cleaned his teeth.

meeting miriamcleaning

After about 5 minutes of cleaning, he said “we all done?”. Haha! We had to wait for the doctor but I brought my camera which I had not formatted so he was able to check out a good 300 photos while we waited. It was perfect entertainment to name all of his friends and relatives in the pictures.

Dr. Greenleaf told me some news I already knew: he has crowded teeth. Duh! I mean he’s been blessed with his mother’s small mouth and large teeth. Braces, we knew you were coming before you even met us!!!

Kudos to me for taking him to the dentist, right? Or is that just being a parent? I dunno!