Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

Headed to the beach…Justin decided he liked to eat sand (the same as Troy had done the last two years).

Oh yeah, I sure Di-uhd! I mean, this is my last pregnancy, I’m baring a big belly – why the heck not, right? Come on, we were at the beach. Ha!


e with boys in bikinij eating sandT and J at beach

The next morning we hung out and headed to Niceville’s splash park. Justin played in the water a tad (thanks Uncle Jeff)…

j at water parkjustin with jeff 2

but preferred to do this:

j with pinestraw feet 2j smiling

Cousins; and Troy acting like he loves his brother Smile

troy hugging justincousins at water park

Crawfish and crabs were had later that day (after a short outing without the kids)

crawfishbrian eating crawfish

Even Justin! Troy didn’t try them but sure did like playing with them. At first he wanted to call them spiders.

j eating crawfishtroy with crawfish

E with boysThen we went back to the beach for lunch while the boys got back in the ocean!

B and E with boys

Justin (initially) held on for dear life!

brian holding boys in waterB and jeff with cousinsgrandy and justinmemama and justin outsidet and j with memama and grandy


Katie said...

I LOVE pregnant bellies in two piece bathing suits and you look AMAZING!

I love their crab outfits so much!

Donna said...

You go girl! Work that bikini- you look awesome! CONGRATULATIONS ON BABY 3!!!! You are so blessed! I'm so happy for you guys!