Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hangin with the kids day 4

I’m tired…as in sleepy, worn out, pooped. Oh, and I have to deal with a lot of poop everyday. Whew!

I try to have a goal a day. Today’s goal was to wash the nasty spit-up ridden fuzzy bear mat along with the dried spit up spotted blankets. It’s almost 11 p.m. and I JSUT finished. Some things take forever.

But, overall we had a great day. Got to a slow start with breakfast and such because I was exhausted this morning. My little friend who is with me most of the time woke up every 2 hours to eat last night. Man, I wish I could do that and not gain weight.

But when Troy came in my room at 4 a.m. telling me he couldn’t find his hat, I immediately sent him back to bed. Of course he came right back and I still had to get up and help him find his “hat”. See the picture below of him wearing a zip up hoodie with a cap? That would be his birthday present from his cousins Colt and Addie. He’s been wearing these clothes non stop since he got them! They have John Deere on them. Is it cold outside? Not when we go out there….but he still wants to wear it. Even in bed, he wears the hoodie and hat and wakes up pouring in sweat. I think it’s cute….and a little strange. But we’re all strange in our own little ways which is what makes us individual.

Anyway, we made it on a walk where…..again, I’ve the baby in the baby bjorn and am pushing the other two. Troy wore appropriate shoes and was able to run in his shoes today. As soon as we got back, he wanted to ride in the gator. I obliged.



See the little onesie Blaine is wearing? That would be my niece’s Christmas gift from my dad last year. It says “dirt makes me cuter”. Um….my niece is a girl. No offense to my dad (I doubt he even knows I have a blog) but this is not for a girl. Glad he got it for her…otherwise we’d never have it. It’s perfect for Blaine!

So after lunch for the boys, I was feeding Blaine (surprise) and decided to sit down in the living room. I just wanted some peace and quiet. Troy and Justin were on the back porch. Next thing I know, Justin is cackling laughing. When I get up to see what they are doing, I see Troy wrestling with Justin and blowing zerberts on his belly. Even now I’m not sure if he was being sweet or crossing over into the not-so-nice zone. Either way, they were both laughing.

Oh, and the BEST thing happened today. Brian came home! Early at that – this afternoon. I thought it would be late tonight so it was a very welcomed surprise. Not only just to see him and let him see the boys but I needed to take the sewing machine to get serviced. It’s a small store and I couldn’t take all of my kids in there!

Anyway, I got it done. Tomorrow Brian’s heading out for the Auburn/Vanderbilt game. To say I wish he wouldn’t go is to speak the truth. But, if it were me, I wouldn’t back out. What makes it better is that my mom is coming. Hallelujah! Maybe I’ll make her work her tail off and tell her she can’t have a nap (I might have done that in the past). Smile I am taking her to a wine event in Opelika which is my attempt to butter her up before making her work!