Wednesday, April 8, 2009

18 Weeks

Sounds like it should be a movie. I haven't gotten much larger yet but the doctor says this boy is growing and is where he should be. Y'all just wait...I'm going to blow up one day! I'm hoping that most of the summer maternity clothes will be on sale by the time I'm in need of them! Everything is going well. Brian is traveling and working a lot. It's allowing me a good chunk of time to work on my projects. I've got sewing fever! I have gotten all of my boy patterns out and any fabric that I think I can use for a boy and started to make stacks...well, the stacks got a little out of control SO I've reverted to making one thing at a time. I've now put myself on "sewing shop restriction" for now. I need to use up what I have before I start spending more money on fabrics and patterns. One caveat is that my mother and I are going to work on his Christening gown soon. I've got to work on the design and figure out what I want first. She's going to help me...thanks MOM! I'm SO glad! She's such a wonderful sewer! I need to take photos of the beautiful dresses she's made for my sister Rebecca and put them on the blog. I'll save that for another day.

Below is a photo my sister Rebecca took of me this past Saturday. I'm now 18 weeks..still feeling great. I'm still running like I was before, doing weights and swimming. I thank God for my health! Hopefully the 3rd trimester will also be nice. I'm running outside as much as I can for now because I'm afraid that the summer heat won't be so favorable to my pregnancy. Although most people say that Auburn is flat, it really isn't. I'm getting those hills in there. In my subdivision, there is one area where the sidewalk crosses from one side of the road to the next. Drivers are supposed to yield to pedestrians. Doesn't everyone know this? I mean, I've known that since Elementary school! Sometimes they don't slow down and although I've been tempted to play Russian Roulette with the drivers, I know I won't win a match against a 3500+ pound vehicle. I'll just pray for those drivers and that their subconscious will make them slow down! I don't want to get hit!

The other photo is of the remnant fabric I'm using to make a valence for Troy's room. I should have finished it last night. Of all things, I mis-measured the pom-pom fringe I need by a half of a yard. I'm heading to see my mother tonight and start working on ideas for his outfits so I won't be working on the valence tonight. I should get it finished by Thursday night...just in time for Easter.

Lastly, I THINK I feel little one moving around. Feels like little flutters. He must like it when I move around because I only feel it when I'm still. So cool! Hope you all have a wonderful Hump Day!


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Brooks Family said...

Hey, if it helps...I didn't really show with Leah until I was over 20 weeks...having a long torso hides the baby bump (which isn't always a good thing when you want people to know!)


The McDougald Family said...

Congrats and you look great! Enjoy this time, but you may be one of those that it all goes in the tummy. Mine was, luckily. Although, I had a higher risk pregnancy and didn't get to exercise. Enjoy that part too, it makes you feel so much better! I wish I had your sewing skills but I don't. Troy will be well dressed with such a talented mama!!

Anonymous said...

You look great, Elyse! Love the outfits you have made.

Anonymous said...

I meant to sign my name in the last comment...Leigh!

bearbear said...

I think we who sew and create are all kindred spirits. I have fabric from 20 years ago so don't feel so badly! ha! I'm using it now! But it's just so darn fun to buy fabric, isn't it? And plan. And dream. But that's what life's about. Enjoy every minute of all this. And have fun with your mother. You're so right, she's a great seamstress, one of the best I've known. I know she will enjoy this time sewing with you. Tell her I said hi. I saw her not too long ago in Hancock's - speaking of sewing:) Love you and you look great!

Joel said...

I have a bigger belly after a night of drinking unfair. Joel