Thursday, April 2, 2009

All Hooped and Ready!

Today is the day we find out what name we'll choose for this baby! I'm about to load up on some full caffeine coffee and pray that this baby cooperates. I've got a bubble cut out and halfway assembled...just waiting on the color of the thread and the monogram. Both names are ready to be monogrammed so we'll see! I'm going to spend my lunch break finishing the outfit. Hopefully I'll have the news posted tonight or tomorrow (at the latest). We're praying for a healthy baby...either color will be wonderful!


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LeAnne said...

YAY!!! can't wait to find out what color baby Corbitt will be wearing!

annieck said...

Can't wait to hear...or see. :)

Rebecca said...

I AM READY TO KNOW!! I say boy! Ah! I'm so excited for you two & the baby! What a blessed family! :) Is Abigail going to get jealous with another kitten coming?? Ha! Love you & can't wait to see the tummy! The room looks adorable by the way!