Monday, April 27, 2009

Warm Weekend in April

What a hot one! We had a very warm weekend for sure. Brian traveled all week and was gracious enough to be a sport for a busy weekend. We packed it full with our usual Saturday morning run, volunteering for a few hours, attending a Birthday party, heading over to Auburn's City Fest, going to a Biscuits game and doing some yard work. Thank you so much Brian! He's been very busy with work but has been wonderful to me with completing the "list" of things we want to get done before Troy gets here. I've attached a couple of photos, too. I'll update later this week as well. I've been doing quite a bit of sewing and need to take photos of Troy's outfits (trying to complete my goal of an outfit a week). Hope you all have a wonderful week! Won't be as hot the rest of this week!

Here's my sister Mary at 35 weeks. She's due May 17th and is going to have a BOY! Isn't she SO cute?!?!

Uh...this was sent to me by my friend, Greg. As you can see, I was running very fast :o) Brian and I were helping with a 5k/10k and were waiting on the first 5k finisher to come through the shoot. Brian was being very patient with me...I was getting a bit bored waiting!