Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Week

Troy was a week old this past Sunday, September 20th. Time has flown! We have been a busy family, though. He's already been to Target and a clothing store. He loves visitors and has had several already. We've been so blessed with our friends in Auburn and Opelika who have brought dinners for us and our moms. Thanks so much!!
Just to document what he's been doing, I have to keep it on this blog! This baby is so good. I mean, really good. Yes, he gets fussy but overall he's a very good child. He sleeps at night and we have to wake him up to feed him. He likes staying awake in the morning and takes naps in the afternoon. I just hope he keeps it up. I never heard the phrase "cool as a cucumber" until he was born and several people have made the comment about him. He smiles - no, not like gassy smiles but the real deal. I promise, see the photo below. He loves looking at faces and just wants to stay busy. That may have been my fault since I didn't slow down much when pregnant. He likes going outside and we've been on a few walks outside in the jogger.
As I said he likes to stay awake in the morning; a photographer, Grethel Van Epps came last Thursday to take photos of Troy and our family. She said she likes to take photos the 4th day after birth because babies are "sleepy". Uh, this baby isn't. He was awake the whole time and didn't particularly like being laid down in cute little positions. He can hold his head up, which he showcased proudly, and would make funny faces during the shoot. Since he didn't cooperate, we offered to go to Birmingham on Monday (the 21st). Well, we did just that. He was a good baby in the car on the way there (2 hours), he was fed before we left and when we got to her house. He stayed awake during the session also. So, our photos are mostly of him awake. The ones that look like he was sleeping is when he closed his eyes. Crazy kid! If you want to check out the photos, click on the link, go to "enter site", "clients" and the password is Troy. Out of two - two hours sessions, we got 56 photos. That'll give you an idea of how Mr. Troy was :o) Grethel was wonderful, and very patient.
KK stayed with us last week and was WONDERFUL! Thank you so much KK!!! She gave him his first bath and helped so much during the night with his eating. Brian and I have gotten a lot of rest and are very grateful that he's sleeping through the night. Makes this new mama happy! Below are some photos of last week:
Troy smiling :o)
First Bath
KK loving on Troy

My sister, Mary with her son, Colt. Colt is 4 months older than Troy.
Troy with Mamama (his great-grandmother)
Troy (sort of) cheering for Auburn against West VA (we won!).

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Amy said...

Those photos are BEAUTIFUL!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

YAY for sweet little Troy! I can't believe he's had such an eventful first week! Wonderful! And that picture of you and Mary with your boys made me smile so big! Absolutely wonderful. They are going to be fast friends and into trouble in no time!!

brittjohnsal said...

I LOVED your pictures! What a sweet family!

Brittany Saliba