Friday, September 11, 2009


The dishwasher is fixed! No more handwashing. We are spoiled to say the least (hey, at least a maid doesn't usually do it!).

And for those of you wondering, nope, no baby yet :o) I'll keep updating, though. My doctor's appointment this week yielded a healthy baby still very comfy in his surroundings with enough fluid and stuff to keep him going. Yeah, I'm okay, too - other than this extra weight being carried by my back!

We'll be pulling hard for our Tigers tomorrow - Miss. State may be a hard team to beat (or so SI says). I'm pulling for the SI curse on them. War Eagle! I love Auburn in the Fall! Too bad my pregnant self can't enjoy it as much as before. Here's to next year! Oh, and I can hardly wait to dress my child up in Auburn garb!


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The Parrish's said...

I put Colt in the AU bubble on Tuesday night b/c it was "support your favorit football team Bunko night" Josh didn't like it too much, but I did:)

Shana said...

ELYSE CORBITT!!! NEVER, NEVER start a post with "YAY!" when you're eagerly expecting a baby! You TOTALLY had me going there...thought baby Troy was here..soooo...with that said..glad your dishwasher is fixed...haha.

Jack and Laura said...

You are getting very close to sharing a b'day with your son!