Friday, September 4, 2009


For those of you who have been wondering, we're still hanging out. All is well on the Corbitt Corner and we're patiently waiting for God to choose this little one's Birthday. Of course we're still very excited!

Since one of the purposes of this blog is to document the pregnancy, Troy's arrival and as a sort of a keepsake for him (at least through his first year), I thought I'd update about the most recent status. He's due tomorrow, September 5th which is also the first Auburn game of this season. Tomorrow's game won't be attended by us and will be the first one in several years we've missed. I'm not sad about it, though because we'll be able to watch from home and avoid the sweating.

As far as us being ready for him, we have finished everything we think we can for now. So, of course, I sit here, still working and thinking of what I could do next? Like, for example, I'd like to have fresh pine straw put out in our yard because it's time, right? I wasn't sure if I had told Brian about this thought of mine - did I tell him or did I dream that I told him? Those of you pregnant know that you dream a LOT and think you say things to others that you haven't. Anyway, a man knocked on our door this morning and asked if he could put pine straw in our yard. He apparently was driving around the neighborhood and realized our yard "needed it". Brian politely told him no, came to tell me what happened and I was like, "wait, tell him we want him to!". So, voila! We've got new pine straw in the beds. Hallelujah!

Oddly enough, our (5 year old) dishwasher is not working. As in, no light comes on (yes, we've checked the breaker only about a dozen times). How does that happen? It shouldn't have happened and it's not going to get checked out until Tuesday. Brian tried to use the pregnancy card but apparently everyone in Lee County has a problem with their dishwasher? We've resolved to hand wash our dishes - yes, we'll survive. Reminds me of the good 'old college days. We have found that sharing a plate or a bowl definitely cuts down on the washing!

Lastly, I have to post this and I have obtained permission from his mother (although it was months ago). Troy has a cousin, H, who is so very excited about his arrival. I'm not trying to downplay anyone else being excited because there are plenty out there (all of whom we're very grateful). We celebrated a few days after New Year's this year with H and his family in Orange Beach. He's a young boy with a lot of energy. We actually came across these beautiful organisms (or Portuguese Man of War) which we thought were jellyfish. If you haven't seen them, they're beautiful and you'd want to touch them. Well, I touched one, just a little bit. They were washed up on the beach and I'm sure were also in the water. H and his dad actually got in the water - in January! Thank goodness they didn't touch one. Anyway, they're highly dangerous and have caused deaths in people. Of course, when we get back to the condo, we look these things up and find out all about them. I was nervous just a bit since I had touched one but all is well with me. Fast forward a few months to when we announced the pregnancy. Sweet H was talking to his mother and wanted to know a few details and one of his questions included whether the Portuguese Man of War caused the pregnancy! I love it! From the mouths of children, right? H also knows that Troy's due date is tomorrow. His family usually goes to the condo for Labor Day and H didn't want to go because of the due date being tomorrow. While I still want God to choose his Birthday, it would be nice if he came this weekend, if anything, just for H's sake!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. WAR EAGLE!!!


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Amy said...

I was just thinking of you today. Wonder if little Troy will make his debut with the season opener? EK actually came on her due date.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

War Eagle and thinking about you! Hang in there!!

bearbear said...

The "not wanting to sweat" is my main reason for not going to Auburn games anymore. I love the story of H and the portuguese man of war (or is it men of war? ha!) We're waiting along with you and can't wait to hear!