Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and Swimming

So you probably noticed (or probably didn't) that the Halloween day post was all about Auburn. Yes, we were super excited to see Auburn beat Ole Miss. Brian and I made it to the game and decided to leave after halftime. Uh, we shortly learned that we should have stayed. If I were superstitious, I would think that us leaving had everything to do with Auburn's win. Anyway, it was exciting!
We also had a fun Halloween. The city of Auburn dictates the day that Trick or Treating occurs. That happened the Thursday before Halloween. In our neighborhood we get a LOT of trick or treaters. It's very fun and we had a great time. Last year we cooked Chicken Taco Soup so I made that again and it was delicious (not because I made it but because I followed directions)! A couple of friends came over and brought their children. They don't usually get many folks come to their homes so they had a blast handing out candy to our trick or treaters. When they got good and sugared up, the screaming began and it was hilarious. Troy slept through the whole thing and we even had him in the middle of the chaos. We are hoping for as much fun and excitement next year!
On Friday, we went to a Halloween party. Dress up, of course. If you saw my Happy "Meoloween" note on an earlier post, you saw Abbie and Troy's cosumes. I was't going to buy Troy an outfit for Halloween. Mainly because he's so little and I didn't want to pay much money for a costume for a baby. Next year will be different. Anyway, one day Brian came home with a rooster hat for Abbie. I thought it was hilarious and decided that I could make Troy one to match. My mom came over a couple of days after that and we worked on it. I wasn't going to line the hat (where you can't see the seams) because we were making a ROOSTER hat - who cares, right? Well, she is a perfectionist when it comes to sewing so she lined the thing. I added the top stuff. And, I made a rooster applique one a onesie for him. Well, for the party I decided that Brian and I would go as farmers and take our "rooster" baby with us. See below! Please disregard the pacifier in the rooster's mouth. That rooster loves a pacifier.

Before Troy's umbilical cord fell off, I was chomping at the bit to get him in the water. A couple of days after it happened, I put him in the tub with me. I quickly found out that babies float! I'm sure the rest of you moms know that but it's the coolest thing to me! Every now and then I'll put him in the water so he can enjoy it like he does. He just loves it! Please check out the videos below. After Brian stopped filming, the little rooster started kicking and it was hilarious.


Runnin' Mommy said...

CUTEST little rooster I ever did see!!! It was great to see you guys on Friday! Can't wait to keep up with you guys through the blog!