Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Visits and Bye Bye Maternity!

Troy has been spending more time with Goli this week and it's given me a chance to get caught up on some stuff. I've got quite a few sewing projects going on right now. I start back to work next week so I need to get things in order. He is such a good baby and I feel so wonderful with her taking care of him. She probably does a better job than me!

Troy and I have been going to a nursing support group since he was 11 days old. It's been very neat having a group of people supporting one another. There are a lot of babies! If you click on the photo, you can see I'm smiling and my baby is screaming! Is this bad of me? I thought that my happiness would spread to him. Didn't quite work that way.
Me with Troy at the nursing support group party.Does it look funny that I pull his socks up to his knees? I don't know why but I like to do that? It reminds me of High School when I used to pull my socks up to my knees for every sport I played and while wearing shorts. Why? I don't know! It took me a while to start wearing ankle socks because of my monster calves. Yes, monster calves - I've always been self conscious of them and somehow, to me, pulling my socks up higher concealed them. In reality, it probably made them look larger. Anywho...
Laura and Alan came over (with Jack and Laura's grandmother) to trick-or-treat.
Here are two rascals who came over at Halloween. They were a hoot!

Dustin and Michelle came to visit this past weekend. They are our first friends from B'ham to visit. Troy says thanks for visiting guys!I took this video of Troy on his changing table this morning. I haven't been very good about catching him in action. He's so happy in the mornings. He wakes up with a smile on his face and is so darn sweet! We put his changing table in front of the window and he will lay there for a long time and "talk" to the sky. It's amazing how much this little thing will entertain adults! Yeah, it's a minute and 1 second long. I know, too long!

Did any of you who were pregnant borrow clothes from friends? If you did (or are), you know what a lifesaver it can be! I just went through my closet and got the borrowed clothes out. I mean, there is a LOT! Definitely more than I could have worn but I wore them like crazy. Don't worry guys, I didn't destroy anything :o) Thanks again to Cynthia, Mary, Meredith, Laura and Pam. I'm passing the ones I bought onto a friend to borrow. You should, too. Here are some photos of the loot.
I think this photo of Troy is hilarious. He's probably wondering why I keep putting him in awkward positions and take pictures of him. It's just so darn fun!


Shana said...

elyse, you're hilarious. I can hear you talking as you type. love you and miss you sister.