Monday, November 16, 2009

Two Month Checkup

Ha! Ha! I think that photo is so funny!
Troy had his two month visit on Friday the 13th. All went well overall. He had one oral vaccination and four shots. Before I could get a pacifier out of the bag, the shots were over. He didn't cry until the nurse had finished giving him the shots. Oh, it was a heartbreaking, skin curling scream! My eyes welled up with tears! Brian did just fine. It didn't take long to soothe him. An hour or so later he would cry pretty loud for maybe less than five minutes, all the while, I couldn't soothe him but he would just quit crying. He obviously didn't feel good. By six hours post shots, he was fine and still slept through the night. It was harder on me than it was on him! He may have been upset with me afterwards because I did take him to Kids Kloset for some fabric, then out to eat with some friends, to Fun and Fancy and then to Wal Mart. Had to do it then so I didn't have much of a choice. Oh well! I will say that if you EVER want things to be rushed for you at Wal-Mart, have your baby start screaming while you're waiting in line. People were so nice to us! They put us in our own line to check out, someone put most of the groceries on the belt and another person helped me put the groceries in the car. Of course, I wasn't wanting Troy to scream the whole time. He slept while I was shopping. Convenient, huh?
So here are his stats:
Head circumference: 15.5 (25 percentile)
Length: 23.6 (85 percentile)
Weight: 14 lbs. 1 ounce (90 percentile)
He apparently has a small head although it doesn't seem like it to me.

Lastly, if you're wondering...NO, we didn't go to the Auburn/Georgia game. EEk! Although the outcome wasn't what we wanted (as far as the outcome of the game), we did miss going. However, I feel so good about the decision we made to stay at home with Troy. We just decided it wasn't time for us to be gone that long. He has become a little attached to me, I think because I went back to work last week and he was having a little separation anxiety (or so I'm guessing). He'll have a tiny crying spell and when I pick him up, or take him from Brian, he'll stop crying. It only takes a minute or two of me holding him for him to be okay, then I can give him back to Brian. So, with that reaction I've had coupled with the shots, we decided it wasn't time to leave him for 2 nights. Plus, I had NO idea that a two month old baby was still a little baby. Months ago, I thought he would be old enough. Well - Mama didn't feel that way when the time came!


Jack and Laura said...

Glad things went well at the dr. and always go with your instinct (Mama).

Donna said...

I really can't believe he's two months old- didn't he just get here? Glad he's loving on his mama- makes you feel so special I'm sure! LOVE the smiling pictures!