Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

Whoa - what a Christmas! Where to begin? We had a blessed, fun and eventful Christmas. First of all, I'm so grateful for the many blessings we've had over the past year. It's hard to believe we have a baby - a true person - in our lives now. And, he's so GOOD! It has been fun for sure. Granted, he doesn't really know what is going on but it's fun nonetheless.
Brian's parents (Grandy and Memama) came to see all of us and stayed until Christmas morning. We did some last minute shopping. While I thought I was finished, I was VERY glad we went because I totally forgot about my dad. I did get him a picture framed with Troy but nothing else. I always seem to forget something these days. We also went to the Candelight service at Cornerstone. Troy made it about halfway through then decided to start "talking" during the sermon. He got to go look at the pretty paintings on the walls in the hall outside the sanctuary!
We opened a few gifts Christmas Eve since we knew Christmas morning would be a little whirlwind. It was so fun to see Troy's new stuff. He loves his jumperoo and I can hardly wait to take him riding in his new wagon. He also got a few toys, one of which is called a Chan Pie Gnon - I found it on some website as a great chew toy. I'll take a picture of it later and you can let me know what you think about it.
We also made it to my Grandmother's in Hope Hull, then to my Mom's where we spent the night. Finally we went up to B'ham to see the Johnsons, Browns and Corbitts. In B'ham, between 2 grandparents, an aunt, an uncle and 12 cousins, Troy was bounced from one person to the next. He slept almost all day Monday. We had a blast, though. I'm posting several photos...warning!
Our little fam:
Troy in his jumperoo with his new stash:
Some of the girls hanging out with Troy - this was pretty much what happened to him in B'ham. They actually would remember how "long" they held him. If one held him longer, they'd remind me and make sure I knew that they needed to hold him first when he got up from a nap, etc.
More of the girls holding him...
Colt, Mary, Rebecca and me.
I love this photo of Troy - this is SO his personality. He's so happy! And, he's begun "talking" almost all the time. I took this of him yesterday morning when he was in a great mood. He kept laughing at me.
Sacked out in his new chair:
My mom, Mary, Colt and Josh
In his Cousin Eddie cap...
The Corbitts, Johnsons and Browns: We were missing Brooke! Sad!
Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year tonight!


Shelley said...

he is adorable. your pictures are great. and you and brian look pretty fabulous too. merry christmas

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

He is so stinkin' cute! I love that he's a happy baby!! YAY! And what a great picture of you and your sisters!!