Thursday, December 3, 2009

November anyone???

Where did November go? Seriously? I don't remember much about it at all. Probably the quickest 30 days I can recall!

We had Thanksgiving, I do know that! The day flew by. I semi-conned Brian into running a Turkey Trot (3 miler) with me. I'm hoping it will become our family tradition to do so. The weather was perfect for running...the route a bit hard since it was on a hilly golf course. But, it was fun! Brian's parents came the night before so they watched Troy while we went to our run. I brined the turkey in a buttermilk and spice mix I made up the night before. Got the turkey ready for the oven and off we went! After the run, we ran home, put the turkey in the oven and got ready for our guests! My brother and sister in law came with their two children. Lunch was delicious - we had the traditional Thanksgiving meal. That afternoon our friends came over for dessert with their parents and children. It was fun!
I felt like my entire time was as follows: wake up, feed Troy, get turkey ready, go run, come home, put turkey in oven, feed Troy, get lunch stuff ready (dishes out for food, watch food, etc), feed Troy, eat turkey lunch, clean up, clean up...clean up, feed Troy, friends came over, feed Troy, clean up, sit down for a few minutes, feed you see a pattern here??? Ha! The only thing I wasn't able to do was take photos of the kiddos. I was (and still am) a little bummed about that. I didn't even get a photo of my dining room table...I even made placecards with my turkey placecard holders. Ugh. Oh well!
Friday we went to the Iron Bowl. I'll say I am still very proud of my team although they didn't get a "W" - it was so very exciting. Uh...and pumping in a car isn't fun!
Saturday we went over to my Mom's to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. We had just about the whole family there. Chris had open heart surgery earlier in the week so he and Jennifer weren't able to make it. But, it has been forever since we had as many people together (at least 26 years): Mamama, Crawford, Keith, Kenny, Mom, John, Mary, Josh, Colt, Evelyn, Thad, Eve, Reagan, Brian, Troy, me and for a short stint we had Rick, Mere Grace and Knox. I did get photos of the children then. It was interesting to get 6 children together for a snapshot. Out of about 200 shots I got maybe a dozen decent ones. Thank goodness for digital cameras with fast shutter speeds!
So today we leave for Niceville. It will be our first long road trip with Troy (4 hours). I'll update on how long it took us later :o)


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