Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Four Month Checkup for Troy

Little...or should I say quickly growing Troy went to the doctor today. He had 4 shots, one viral, cried until his face was red, quit crying and started smiling.
Weight: 18 pounds, 4 oz (95%)
(the peds office and support group scales are a little different but does it make a difference - NO)
Height: 26.2 inches (90%)
Head: 16.6 inches (50%)

Well, everything is higher than normal except for the head. Hmmm. What does that mean? Maybe my head isn't large enough to understand :o) But, the doctor said he's perfect. Don't you just love that?!?!?
The lady at the checkup counter looked at his chart and said, "My, you're very happy to have just gotten four shots!" My, he was! He seems to still be okay. We prayed together (well, he did his baby talking) about him being strong, happy and healthy. God really made it easy for him...

This was taken just a few minutes ago (about 2 hours post shots):
I mean, can you tell I'm a proud ma-ma?


Shana said...

AWWWWW!!! so precious! he seems to really be developing his personality..love it!

Hodges Family said...

Love that he is soooo happy! I hope Carter will do the same at his four month :)