Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year 2010

So I find myself backtacking...again. As we are now 11 days into 2010, it is past time for an update. Our New Year's Eve celebration was relaxing but fun. We joined the Angleas and Petteys for dinner and a New Year's toast at Ariccia. It was delicious and included a four (or 5) course meal. I (being the good eater that I am) enjoyed each dish more than the prior. Our pallate cleanser was a frozen cucumber and ginger combination in a small glass. I was the only one who loved it (probably because it was so salty). We all danced once and felt "old" because we weren't on the dancefloor much. I'm such a horrible dancer anyway! What was fun was watching the older folks dance the night away. Some may have had a little much to drink.

KK and Papa were so sweet to come, spend the night and watch Troy. I think he went to sleep only an hour after they arrived but I think DHR would have been after us had we allowed the cat to be the babysitter.

Anyway, we had a great time. We talked about the last DECADE and how each of us graduated, got married, had jobs and children. Brian and I were married in 2000, moved 7 times, lived in 2 states, traveled a lot, had a baby and had a great time! The things that stick out in my head for me is that I have run 2 marathons, had 3 jobs, both grandfathers passed away and had a baby.

I'm happy to say that I've lost more than my pre-baby weight. This isn't necessarily a good thing - I'm not where I'd like to be. I'm not feeling quite up to par with exercising. The elasticity in my mid-section is still strange! Unfortunately the arthritis is still there, in my knees, back and now my upper right hip. Had to get another steroid injection the week of New Year's. While it makes me feel better, it's only temporary. The issue at hand is nursing Troy. Honestly I was hoping I'd be able to do so until he weaned himself. A huge reason is the cost, then right next to that is the nutritional value. I can control the nutrients he receives by what I eat. While I'm hoping he'll be as healthy of an eater I am, it will not be as easy to control. Nonetheless, my days of nursing are numbered based upon the way I feel. Caring for Troy is more important now. The risk of taking the medicine I need is unknown as to whether it will be given to Troy through the milk. So, for now, I'm not exercising like I'd like to be. Nursing has come so easy and I do have a good bit of milk stored so it will be okay to stop.

You may say that it isn't a big deal. But, to me, it is. I can run, do yoga, Wii fit, swim, etc. But, not how I could before. When pregnant, I was in remission and felt so wonderful. I wish remission came without pregnancy. Things are just more difficult now, as in harder. But, God has a plan for me and I truly know that. However, my human selfishness sometimes comes into play and it causes me to dwell on things I shouldn't. I'm praying for contentment and strength for now.

On another note, cheers to a New Year and contentment!!
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Jack and Laura said...

This is a very sweet post, cheers to a new year/decade and this is a precious video of Troy and by the way I love his outfit

Jenn McPherson said...

Hi! I;m so glad you found me! You look beautiful!! Love that sweet baby of yours!!

BB Tucker said...

I'm Donna's mom. I remember thinking how fantastic you were when I first met you at the AGD house in Troy. I thought it again when you went to Donna's wedding.
So glad you have this wonderful little guy, Troy, in your lives. He is just adorable.
About the arthritis, man do you make it look easy! I know it isn't. I know it hurts, and you run, work, and nurture THROUGH's always there. You're just amazing.
So happy for you three. Nothing like that first baby.
By the way, my husband (Don) and I had "Troy" as an optional name if we had a boy. We met at Troy, dated at Troy, etc. I still think "Troy Tucker" sounds fine. But I especially love "Troy Corbitt"!!!!
Best to you three.
BB Tucker