Monday, January 18, 2010

Four Months

It's so cliche but he's growing very fast. I still cannot put my hands around the fact that I have a baby. Well, I can put my hands around him but you know what I mean. Every little stage is more and more fun. He found his feet a week before he was 4 months old. Now, when he's put on his back, his feet go straight up. Doesn't seem fun for me to do it but he enjoys it thoroughly!

Let's see, I've put in some of my favorite photos of him. While I was taking pictures of him in his new rocking chair (Cracker Barrel Kids Chair $44 at Angel's Antiques), he grabbed his feet for the first time. Not sure if I'll always see his few "firsts" but I'm content to see some of them now.
Weight: 18 pounds, 5 inches.
We'll find out the height and head circumference when he goes to the doctor next week.

He enjoys his jumperoo, the swing and bouncy seat for now. He's not too far away from the weight limit on the swing and bouncy seat so I'm thinking those will go soon. Troy is drooling like a fool and his gums seem to bother him. He puts everything in his mouth. Diapers: Pampers size 3 (just got into threes) or gdiapers size Medium.

We've made the leap into cloth diapers. Call me crazy but it's going pretty good so far. In fact, they will pay for themselves in just a few months (yes, including washing!). Goli doesn't work with cloth diapers so he'll still have the disposables when he goes to her. So if you go on the gdiapers site, you'll see that Julia Roberts recommends them. Hmmm, does she change diapers? :o) They're so darn cute, too!

Troy is super ticklish, loves to smile at people. He gets fussy when he's tired, hungry or needs to be change. Oh yeah, and when he's tired of whatever position he's in. He loves taking a bath. He has decided he doesn't like his baby bathtub so we now put him in the tub on his back with a washcloth behind his head. With 2 inches of water in the tub, he kicks and talks. Oh, and he loves to "talk". While at church, he seems to like to talk during the sermon...and we excuse ourselves.

He's still exclusively nursing. On the day he turned four months, we gave him cereal and he ate it up. But, I don't think I'm ready for him to have cereal. He's still sleeping good (minus last week) as long as he's swaddled and he weighs a lot! We'll start him on it next month or the next. We believe the main reason for the cereal is so that he'll get accustomed to regular food and to avoid food allergies. Plus, the AAP says they don't need to start foods until they're 6 months old.


Caroline said...

I can't get over how much I love the picture of him in his crib! So far Olan Mills is the only one who has been able to capture Aiden smiling! Maybe one day...

Mommy and Daddy said...

firetruck outfit is even cuter on him!! :) love it!

Jack and Laura said...

I love the new pics and I cant believe our boys are only about 4 pounds apart, what are you eating girl? ha ha, jk. He is precious!!!

Donna said...

I LOVE these pictures- I can't believe how big he is so soon- my babies were like that and they outgrew all their toys- and the baby bucket too soon! There was a rough month or so where they'd outgrow the baby bucket, but were still too small to sit in a restaurant high chair- we ended up buying a hook-on seat I think. I'm so proud of you for nursing so long and enduring the pain. I hope you will be feeling better with some meds soon.