Friday, April 9, 2010

The Masters

Started yesterday. Brian was lucky enough to go to one of the practice rounds this week. I know, either you or your spouse has probably gone before but for us, it was a pretty big deal. He had a great time. Also, he came home with a bunch of stuff. In honor of opening day yesterday, Troy sported a cute little number I found at our local consignment sale, Kids Clothes Connection for $10.00. I was very proud of myself if I may say so. A Masters outfit for our little Master :o)

He was the most verbal child in the "class". Looks like the other kids are wondering what in the world he's talking about. OR, they are agreeing with his statements made in baby language.

Yesterday after B got off work, we went on our daily walk, I took the point and click and got him in his Masters outfit.

Friends: Ann Thompson, Alan, Troy and Cosby.
Oh, and I noticed yesterday that he's cutting another tooth, right next to the first one on the bottom.
Easter update will be coming one of these days...


Shana said...

so cute, Elyse! You look great!