Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I feel like it's been forever since I posted anything. I haven't been lazy, just been doing other things. As I look over my calendar (still use a paper calendar - do you?), I have been running, working on P90X (NO, I am not doing the 90 day plan, just using it as a regular workout), going to the local consignment sale, packing bags for the Junior League of Lee County Art Walk/Run, going to Birmingham overnight for work, getting stuff ready for the walk/run, running it again, meeting friends for lunch with the babies, going to support group, working like a dog in the yard and on the house getting ready for Easter, working the art walk/run, having family over for Easter and crashing!

One of those days we.....went walking. Lately, after B gets home from work, we stick Troy in either the wagon or the jogging stroller, walk and talk. Sometimes I think he's actually waving. He's sporting his new visor from Janie and Jack. He doesn't need any clothes but it was hard to refrain at the last trip to Birmingham. Love it! Do you ever go somewhere with a friend and end up buying things just because you're with that person? It's like things are more appealing when shopping with others. I remembered one good thing about moving away from B'ham....I sure don't shop as much!

That same day, he ate peas...and loved them! I'm pureeing everything, or just mashing it up and the child loves to eat! Broccoli was on the menu tonight and he said "mmm" when he took his first bite. Seems to be the norm anytime he eats!

Then, we went to the park...

I put Troy in the baby swing for the first time. He giggled and LOVED it! This is when I discovered his first TOOTH! He hasn't been a pill like I would have expected. I'm sure the larger teeth will prove to be more difficult to cut.

He was laughing at me in the photo below.

I took him on a run. Unfortunately he didn't fall asleep.
I've taken quite a few photos since I posted last, too. A friend had a baby and I took some photos of her. Here is one of my favorites:Easter update forthcoming...


Jack and Laura said...

Wow even though we just saw yall last week he looks like he has grown so much to me!!!

The McDougald Family said...

Elyse, Troy is getting so big! What sweet pics and so adorable!!