Friday, April 16, 2010

Troy at 7 Months

Seven Months - such a fun age. Smiling, lauging, giggling, babbling, kicking and just plain loving life. Troy is such a joy! He enjoys smiling at strangers and he often gets "oh, he's so cute" and "he's so personable" comments. As a parent, it's quite nice to hear!
Weight: 22 lbs (teetering between 21 lbs. 13 oz and 22 lbs.)
Height: 28 1/2 to 29 inches (this is probably not accurate since I measured him)
Diapers: disposables: 3 (probably should move up) and gdiapers: Medium
Things he loves: the jumperoo, me (as in his mother), Lamaze butterfly (he still loves crinkling the wings and fiddling with the ribbons), riding in the stroller, people (especially people with glasses and/or jewelry as well as the ladies), riding in the wagon, his bear lovey and monkey lovey, the bath (or the pool), babies, children, his pacifier (I fear this will be a battle to take away someday), the water, the chan pie gnon.
Things he says: mama, dada, baba, la, ta and some sort of gurggling sound. When he's hungry, he smacks his mouth together and says "ma-ma-ma-ma".
In the past 30 days, he has been introduced to food....the real stuff. He has devoured anything we've given him: sweet potatoes, carrots, chicken, corn, avocado, apples, corn, lima beans, green peas, squash and oatmeal.
He's getting closer and closer to crawling. He's mastered rolling over from front to back and back to front, sitting up, rocking, belly crawling in circles and backwards.
Easter update is coming one day...