Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Oh...this is so late! I feel like sometimes my life is such a blur. I mean to do so many things, forget about them and then remember weeks later! There are gifts I'm "sewing" on, projects to finish (and start) and the photos I've taken...lots and lots of them!
Anyway, I never posted about Easter. Me and my mother with Troy. Yes, he is wearing orange diapers. I wish I could say that was intentional.
KK and Papa John.
Memama and Grandy.
Our little family (minus Abbie).
The Easter bunny came to see Troy. I made the basket liner for the basket. I had a difficult time trying to decide how to make it. I am happy with the way it turned out, however.

Our tiny (fat) Easter bunny.
We had such a wonderful time! Last year, I feel like I focused more on the reason for Easter. Our Holy God who sent a perfect child to our world, who lived for me...for me! And, he sacrificed this perfect son...for none other than ME (and you)....and my child! I adore Troy so much and know it would be virtually impossible for me to give him away. This year, I wasn't able to participate like last year but I did make a point to meditate and focus on the reasons. The entire weekend, including Good Friday, were absolutely beautiful. I can't recall a more beautiful weekend.
Memama and Grandy came in town to stay with us. I am so glad because we had the Junior League Art Run/Walk on Saturday. It was a lot of work. Brian and I worked our tails off while the grandparents kept Troy. In fact, on Good Friday, we worked all day getting ready for the weekend and the race. At about 3:00, Brian reminded me that Jesus was hanging on that cross. Made my sweat and tears seem meaningless...and they were.
So on Sunday, we went to church, had a wonderful sermon led by Rusty. Then we had lunch at our house. Alligare provided a ham again (last year I said it was a turkey - but I was pregnant and pregnant people forget things a LOT). Memama brought her delicious lima bean casserole and KK brought my favorite ramen noodle salad. Troy was the perfect little child...sleeping while we ate and playing when he should play. We had a wonderful weekend.


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