Monday, May 17, 2010

Troy at Eight Months

This little tiger is 8 months old. He is 22 lbs. 8 ounces. I haven't measured him so I have no idea how long he is. As are most babies at this age, Troy is very happy. He cries when: he's hungry, he's very sleepy, I (his mother) walks away or out of the room, animals walk away from him. He could care less if he has a bad diaper. LOL! I guess that's what I get with a boy?

Troy is crawling great now. He also enjoys someone holding his hands and walking with him. He seems to be quite proud of his crawling skills. While he tries to pull himself up on furniture, he hasn't quite mastered this skill. I'm sure he will in a week or so. He's still wearing medium gdiapers but I just ordered some larges (they're on sale at right now). Disposables he still wears with the sitter and we bought a box of size 3 about 2 months ago so he's still squeezing in those. He fits in size 4 better but hope to use the size 3 box before we buy more. I don't like buying disposables!!!

While he can still say "mama" and "dada", he isn't saying that as much. He's discovered a very high pitched noise and will let that go! He likes to play the screaming game when he makes his high pitched noise and we make it back at him. It provides great entertainment!

I feel like he is slowing down significantly with his weight gain. When holding him, he doesn't hold on AT ALL so he gets super heavy super fast. I hope he starts holding on soon. He isn't a cuddler but does like when I squeeze him real tight.

Troy will not go to sleep easily around a lot of people. He's easily stimulated and will skip a nap all day if he could. Getting him to take a nap is a battle at times so on the days I don't work, I try and force one during the day. Saturday we went to the zoo and he took a very short nap that afternoon. Yesterday he took a nap for almost 3 hours in the afternoon (no morning nap) which tells me he was very sleepy! We are so bad because he naps better in our bed. If he fights it hard in his bed, we'll stick him in our bed and he sleeps just fine. I know he knows what he's doing but we are suckers. We admit it and we still love it! It's fun to take naps with him sometimes. At least he DOES sleep in his bed at night.

In the photo below, do you see his hands and feet? He wiggles his hands and his feet when he is excited, curious or wants more food. He rolls his hands around. It's very funny and many people have said they've never seen a child do this.

It was VERY difficult getting a photo of him with this 8 month sign which is why he isn't in his bed!

He eats like a champ. I have been making his food except for prunes because they are hard to process into baby food. He has eaten everything we've given him. He seems to really enjoy avocados, plums, cantaloupe, prunes, mangoes and kiwi. While he seems to love his veggies, I think he prefers fruit. Case in point: I gave him applesauce first one day followed by pureed green beans. He didn't spit out the green beans but screamed when he tasted them! He eventually swallowed them and wanted more but cried as I was giving them to him. He apparently wanted more fruit. I made the mistake another time but I hope I have learned my lesson. Oh, and if he doesn't get it FAST enough, he cries. This makes it difficult for us because we are trying to introduce him to sign language. In order to do so, we need to put the spoon down....yeah, he doesn't like that! Lol.


Kelly Denise said...

happy 8 months to your little one