Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Zoo

It dawned on my while in the car last weekend headed to the zoo that I haven't been to the Montgomery Zoo since my youngest sister was either 2 or 3. That was in 1992. I actually found the a very random photo album I put together in high school. Rebecca is a beautiful young lady and was the cutest little girl! People used to say she looked like the Olsen twins.
Here I am with Colt and Mary. Mary was in town for one of her good friends' weddings.
Colt is wearing an outfit KK made him. Rumor has it that she made Troy one, too......
Here's KK with Troy and his cool baby hat! Yes, I put sunscreen on his head. I'm not calling him bald because he actually does have hair...just really blonde and not much of it!
Then the kiddos got hungry. Mere Grace and Knox were still out playing so I didn't get any photos of them.
Next we saw some elephants...this baby is bathing himself.
We had a great time at the zoo and were joined by KK, Mary, Colt, John, Mere Grace and Knox.

Even for an 8 month old, Troy noticed the animals. He likes to "talk" to people and animals with his high pitched "ahh". Sometimes he's successful in getting others' attention.