Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Details

As we quickly approach October, I find myself realizing that it is necessary to post the details of Troy's birthday party. Although I wanted a "tiger" themed party, we went with a Jungle theme. There isn't much out there as far as tigers go - and I'm not a good at drawing tigers!I made the cupcake appliqued jon jon for Troy along with a matching hat. Although he didn't wear the hat much, I was very excited about figuring out how to make it on my own. I appliqued the "1" and monogrammed his name on it before cutting it all out. Took a good bit of manuevering but I figured it out. Elastic on a child's face isn't a great idea.

I purchased a simple wreath from Michael's, added some animal print ribbon and a few of my favorite photos of the little boy.
His grandparents from Niceville came and stayed with us. My mother (KK), Memama, Grandy, Mamama and Crawford helped me (oh, and B) with the final decorations. Troy's cake came from Gourmet Tiger in Auburn.
I made a "Happy Birthday Troy" banner. It wasn't a hard thing to make, just very time consuming. I decided I wanted a banner that we could also use for other birthdays. I put an applique on each triangle, cut out the triangles and sewed them together. I turned over the top edges and sewed them down to make a hole where I could place the twine. My mother did help me by sewing some of the triangles together - after all, there were 17 of them!!! I did make one blank one but ended up not needing it on the banner. As you can see, it was BIG! But, I love it. Cupcake tower with cupcake toppers that matched the invitation (made by Melanie):
Since the invitation wouldn't fit in a frame, I glued it onto a stick and added it to a flowerpot.
Gift bags were filled with an animal print box, a "duckie" safari animal for the tub and a boo boo icepack. I tied them with a simple leopard print ribbon and attached stickers that matched his invites.
Lizzie helped with the balloons - it was a great help.
Here's a group of buddies with our babies. We are lined up in order of the ages of our kids. Missing Michelle and AT.
A random photo of kids, parents and friends.