Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Troy's latest words

My one year old thinks he's communicating. Seriously. I need to get his random babbles on video and post something. But, for now, when he wakes up in the morning, he plays his music, then starts out with "mommie, daddy, mama, dada, dis-statata, dissss-dadadada, bububu, ladada" and on and on and on.

Last night, while sitting in his high chair, it went like this:

Me: Troy, what does the tiger say?
Troy: aaaggghhh
Me: What does the cow say?
Troy: Mmmuuuuu
Me: What does the dog say?
Troy: burf, burf, burf
Me: What does the kitty cat say?
Troy: mmeeeeooo

In the bathtub:
Me and Brian: Can you say bubbles?
Troy: Bu-buul-s, bubu, bubu

That was the first time he has responded on demand to all of them. He did it again this morning.

Troy is still a mover and a shaker. Literally. He walks constantly and rarely stops, he likes to shake his head, shoulders and hips - music or not. Every now and then he will pick up a book, put it on the ground and look at it. Otherwise he's walking around the house with the book while he tries to thumb through the book - mostly running into objects/walls along the way. If we ask him to give us a kiss, about half of the time, he'll walk up to us and give us an open-mouth kiss and say "ahhh" at the same time. It's very sweet but also slobbery and gross.

He enjoys saying "uh oh" and fake sneezing. He will put his hands behind his head and say "achoo!" over and over and over. He likes doing this in Target. I have to thank my nephew, Jake, for teaching him this trick. Troy laughs at himself after he does it, too. Must be pretty funny.

Other words: "wow", "tadu" (thank you), "t-ta" (tick tock).

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Donna said...

Why am I not surprised that he is a little genius? Another achiever like his mama and daddy! I love it when they "turn on" and can communicate. P.S. I love the owl and bubble- you are so talented!