Monday, September 13, 2010

Troy is One Year!!!

Wow, over the weekend I remembered that long labor to get Troy into this world. It was amazing, miraculous, wonderful....and a little painful :)

He went to the doctor the day after his big day. I just couldn't do it to him on his actual day! He got 3 shots but was a champ. He did scream more than I've seen in a long time but he didn't hold his breath so that was good.
Here are his stats:
31 inches
26.6 pounds
18 inch noggin
90th percentile for everything except for his head which is in the 75th percentile.
We had a very fun party over the weekend. I'll update the blog in other posts with photos of the party and then the decorations, separately.
We wento Goli, Troy's sitter, to have cupcakes on the afternoon of his real big day! Needless to say, this big boy loves sweets!
Then we headed to Provino's for a free birthday dinner for T. He really enjoyed the beets!
Dr. C has been wonderful to him!
Okay, so I feel that I can say this now: he has never been sick. I'm praying, and hoping, that he remains healthy but I'm grateful that he's been so healthy the first year of his life. He has had a little runny nose once but that was it! You're a healthy boy!