Thursday, April 21, 2011

All About Troy

Although he went to Goli’s , it has been all about Troy the last few days. On Monday, I picked him up early and headed over to a friend’s MIL’s home to ride horses. He has been on a horse before at my Dad’s house but not really riding.

He was quite preoccupied with the cozy coupe, then the wagon and finally he discovered plastic Easter eggs on the goodie table. Oh, and the goodies. So I wanted him to at least take a turn and try to ride on one of the horses. A few snacks later, an emotional breakdown and bribing him to put on a helmet and he was on a horse…..and loved it! I knew it, just knew it. So Ms. Liz seemed to take to him also. She gave him the reigns to both horses. She was saying that he was doing so well holding himself up tall on the horse and even put him on a pony. He was smiling from ear to ear.

Telling Noel about the car (and waiting for her to get out) :

cozy coupe

Horse # 1:

big horse

Pony (serious business holding the reins here) :


Once we got home, I started a monogram on the machine. He loves to hold onto “tread” (aka thread) when I’m working on the sewing machine. So he grabs his thread while he talks about Brian on the “awnmower” (lawnmower). I asked if he wanted to go outside at which time he ran to the door while yelling “outside”. Of course he brought along his thread. Once he has a chance to get on the awnmower, he drops his thread in the garage to ride the lawnmower for the first time with Brian.


Wednesday was his FIRST haircut – ever. Ever. It was time. I mean the child is 19 months old now.

The official mullet:

back of hair beforeAwkward hair cutting position:   brushing hair  Lindsay cut the curl (yes, I’m keeping it!)cutting the curl during haircutDone! We walked to Mellow Mushroom to celebrate. Let’s just say that it was a bit busy, we decided to get it “to go” and an hour later walked out with our food. New haircut boy was happy to sit at the bar with his pizza dough trying to eat it while we weren’t watching.  

after cut