Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Justin at Three Months

3 month photoReally? Three months – this is going by way to fast for me!

Rolling from front to back.

Doesn’t like tummy time – which is why I think he has rolled from his belly to his back since he was three weeks old.

kickingin the highchairon the flooron the ottomansmiling with orangepushing up

Loves laying on his back on his play mat.

Is beginning to laugh – but needs a good bit of prompting (i.e. clapping his hands and saying “Yay Justin”!). Grabbing at toys when laying on his playmat.

Is the sweetest baby. Sleeps from 9-10 at night until 3-4 in the morning. Justin loves watching Troy and will stare at him running around and playing.


Weight: 12 1/2 pounds

Height:  23 1/2 inches

Size 1 diapers

looking at mama