Monday, June 13, 2011

Beachy time…

It was a couple of weeks ago but I am finally getting around to posting them…

As soon as his chair was set up, Troy felt the need to kick back (thinking old man here!).

troy on chair

We did some swimming, swinging, laughing and some little man liked eating sand (still)!

DSC_1257e smiling

E swinging Tholding hands with B

Justin stuck his feet in the sand

J feet and hatjustin sitting in sandJustinsandy foodT scooping sandt shortsT vintaget with bucket hatT with seaweedtroy in the wavestroy side

Spent time with cousins…..

cousins bwT and Justin carsT and Justin

Played in the kiddie pools…

t and jake in poolCousins eating a snack

Little J slept in the sun and smiled later.

Justin sleepingJ smiling

The grandparents invited some friends over to see J (of course I forgot to take more photos).

Ms Cannon

Our little fam…

our little fam

And we celebrated Grandy (aka cookie) having a birthday!

T and Russ Bday cake


Carla said...

love their matching outfits! so cute! J has the sweetest smile.