Monday, July 11, 2011

Beach July 2011

My in laws live in Florida, about 15 minutes from Destin. Nice, huh?

We think so, too.

E and J feet

We feel almost like pros with taking an infant. Stick him in the stroller and he’s good to go (for a while).

J in strollerE feeding J

Everything was honky-dory…..

T buriedT sitting in chair

Until he got sand on his cup. Uh…this is the kid who was eating sand a month ago. How quickly things change!

T with sandy cup

For the first time we went to the bay for one of our three trips to the water. It was calm and peaceful and had virtually no traffic getting there (took maybe 10 minutes, if that). Water, of course, isn’t as pretty there but it was pleasant. We had a nice picnic, thanks to Memama cooking!

At the bay:

Memama feeding J

Troy put on Grandy’s hat and just sat there, we got a kick out of it.

T with hat bwT with hat color


Shana said...

oh my gosh he's so cute! I need to make a trip to come see you guys...what's your typical schedule like?