Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Troy at 22 Months

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At 21 months, Troy is starting to put more and more words together and is becoming more coordinated. I suppose this is the most significant change going on with him these days. We are having some work done in our back yard and have had skid steers (sp?) in and out of the yard. At least one is left overnight at a time. Troy saw one and called it a “bull gus” – aka school bus. After correcting him and me calling it (incorrectly) a backhoe, he said, “drive, drive, I want daddy drive backhoe pees”. He often says he wants different people to drive vehicles. He will say, “mama drive big car” or “daddy drive big truck”. His Grandy has a truck and he often says “go see Grandy big truck”. There is a healthy obsession to lawnmowers and tractors. We have to think of creative ways to get him off of the lawnmower every morning (he has to pass by it to get to his side of the car to get in his car seat).

This week he started calling me “Mom” every now and again. He is beginning to pay attention to other adults around him and will call other parents mommy or daddy or will use their proper names, if he hears them.

Yes, I felt VERY guilty for putting the darn thing in the washing machine while he was awake (and aware). But, it’s hilarious, too.

One of Goli’s daughters is dating a guy named Brad. Troy now calls him “bbbrrrrrad” (while blowing through his lips like a motorboat, you know what I mean?) and has now begun trying to do the same thing with anything beginning with “b” – like his blanket (yes, he adds an “r” sound behind the b), boat, ball. He is constantly asking to see people: I wanna see…..(fill in the blank) – he remembers many people and asks to see them often and at very random times.

While in the car, he will say hello to the trees, mailbox, cars, trucks, bicycles (this includes motorcycles), houses and interstate (I yell hello interstate when we cross over one). Gotta make time in the car somewhat interesting, right?

Television – well, we’ve given in. I kept it away from him for a while but it has become easy if we need a distraction for him while cooking dinner or while I’m tending to Justin. He has decided he LOVES Mickey Mouse and Cars. This past weekend he was introduced to Madagascar and has decided he likes the “zebra, efafant (elephant), tiger and kitty”. The DVD player in the car has made recent car trips out of town actually bearable.

His love for his brother seems to grow daily. Total, complete, utter adoration. I am looking forward to their relationship grow. No, I’m not ignorant enough to think that they won’t fight. But, knowing that love is the foundation of their relationship makes me feel pretty darn good! When we tell him to be sweet to Justin, he apparently thinks that means it’s time to kiss Justin and rub his head. I have tried to allow Troy to play with Justin (to an extent) and not completely restrict him from being around a baby. I hope this has helped with their relationship. Only time will tell.

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The Parrish's said...

om my please please get the blanket out of the washer!! THat is SO stinkin sad!! It breaks my heart! But funny:)