Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cousins n stuff

So we went to Greensboro last weekend to play with my cousin, her husband and children. I have to say this was one of the most fun trips I’ve ever had. Yes, in Greensboro, Alabama. Don’t get me wrong, we have done some pretty fun things over the years but never have I been so relaxed with my children! Nothing super spectacular happened but we just hung out, played with the kids and talked. I know sometimes the most fun times can be had when you’re not even trying!

Jennifer and Chris’ kids were fantastic to both of ours. Eve is 7 and loves babies. Reagan turned 4 and played with Troy like they were the same age. It was funny hearing Reagan talk to Troy like he was big. Things like, “Troy, you are too big to ride on that play tractor” and “Troy, please don’t put your leg on me in the bed” or “Troy, you can play with that one more time and then you need to give it to me”. His response? “okay”.

Sleeping in the bed with both kids turned out okay. At midnight Troy fell asleep in the bed with them after watching Madagascar. Never-mind the fact that Eve and Reagan were asleep by 9:30. Who was up at 5:30 in the morning? That would be Troy. His little voice could be heard from the room next door saying “Hey Eve, Hey Reagan”. They wouldn’t wake up for 2 more hours. We were quite entertained. Fun times.

Justin was a breeze and got a lot of lovin’ and attention.

The three on Eve’s 4 wheeler. It was a hit. One moment Reagan wanted to ride alone. He would see Eve driving Troy and would want Troy to ride with him. He’d tell Troy to come over and they would ride for about 30 seconds before Reagan told Troy he was finished. Ha!

cousins on 4 wheeler

Here Troy is with Reagan.

T riding with Reagan

We made it to Reagan’s 4th Birthday party. I suppose it gave us an excuse to make the trip and stay a couple of nights.

Below is Evelyn (almost 12 weeks pregnant) wit Justin. Little J’s sweet face.

Evelynjustin smiling bw

Here is Jennifer with Justin, Sharon (her mother) and Evelyn (other daughter). Don’t they look alike?

Mother with her daughters

Reagan seemed to have a great time at his party. He had a 4 wheeler party! His mother made it very cute but said it was hard to find things dealing with a four wheeler.

Reagan and his friendReagan with cakeTroy swimming

Aunt Sharon basically took over Justin (which was very welcome with me). She was wonderful with him. I mean he lit up and smiled at her the whole time. It was so sweet! She was so good to him. I realized for the first time where Jennifer got her sweet demeanor from.

Sharon with J

Kenny gave Reagan a John Deere bicycle. The boy loves anything John Deere. Troy thought he was big enough to ride the “bicycle”.

Yaya and ReaganYaya and Troy

I thought this was hilarious. So here is Reagan with his new hat (one ear tucked into the hat), his new “high tops” (aka Chuck Taylors), playing his new paper guitar (it’s plastic but is called paper for some reason). That guitar was less than $20 and even though it’s  quite annoying, it is pretty cool. Troy figured out how to play it, too.

Reagan with guitar

And my child is the one who wants to kiss the animals. He’s either all about the love or screaming at them while jumping around. Ugh.

T kissing the cat