Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello Yard

Erosion problems? We had ‘em. Timing? Bad – very bad. Thankfully things have worked out to solve our erosion problem and make our back yard….well, usable. I absolutely LOVE it now! Am so excited to be able to play with the kids back there. Our yard slopes behind and to the rear of our house but there is now area to have a slip n slide, playset or other fun stuff. I think the play-set area will be perfect one day for an outdoor hangout area with a fire pit.

This was supposed to be a 3-4 day project. A few alterations and a LOT of rain (as in almost 4 inches in one morning) equaled a 2 week project. Added were French drains, dirt, boulders (for a retaining wall), sod, mulch and pinestraw.


I got lazy with this post and decided to post all of the photos. Yes, there are too many!


The Parrish's said...

All the photos made me a little dizzy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the playset!! No, it really does look great!

Shana said...

it looks awesome! I'm having yard troubles myself lately...I feel your pain. So glad you have a yard to play in now!