Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Troy at 23 Months!

energetic (he runs just about everywhere he goes)



mind of his own

with a stick


strong willed


when I first saw the below photo of him, I could picture him as an older kid, standing on the sidelines at a football game while observing his teammates. Judging…..


Serious face

While doing this with his hands (this is a common thing he does)



His intensity goes with anything he does, whether that is being happy or very upset. Screaming fits involve running around while screaming and crying. Excitement about something is shown by jumping up and down while yelling “yay! yay!”. 

T at the beach

sweetest/cute things he says:  I wub you mommie; I wub you daddy; mommie, mommie, mommie; dwive cars mommie; dwive mawnmower; I want to dwive carseat; mommie, I wanna dwive twaktor; no bed bubite (his response to “don’t let the bed bugs bite”); bullgus (school bus); scawy Twoy (he tries to “scare” us quite often these days); scawy Abbie (something he says when he chases Abbie around the house and she hisses at him – which is pretty much on a daily basis); I wonna go see es Gowi (I want to go see Ms. Goli – his babysitter)

knows his colors

knows the alphabet

can spell his name (most of the time); can draw a T and a Y.

loves his brother; really loves older kids

GH kissing Justinknee scrapefake smiling

pretends – to sleep, to eat using a plastic spoon and any container he can find; even pretends to feed Justin “yogurt”, to make his cars talk to each other

favorite food: yogurt, blueberries, banana, edamame, baked fish sticks, sweet potatoes, any cookie (Nutri Grain bars, Fig Newtons or the real deal)

Loves his BLANTET, books, cars, trains, trucks, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Pooh and the movie Cars

is somewhat organized? Yes, this is strange to me. Even at this early of a stage, it appears that his mannerisms are like mine although he looks like his daddy (minus the color of his eyes which are like mine)

weights around 31-32 pounds, in size 5 diapers, large gdiapers (although they seem to be getting small) – working on getting rid of diapers!


Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Such sweet brothers. They are both too cute.

Donna said...

Precious boy- he sound so much like a FIRST-BORN! They are always smart and intense. He does look like his daddy, but I do see some mommy too. Isn't baby talk the cutest? I love it.