Tuesday, September 8, 2009

40 Weeks

This photo was taken at 40 weeks and 1 day. As of today, I'm 40 weeks and 3 days. Baby Troy is still very happy in his surroundings and we continue to look forward to God choosing his birth day! Everything is going well. The only thing changing is this achy back I feel every now and then after sitting or standing for too long. Nothing a few back stretches or lying down won't cure. I plan on cutting the grass tomorrow...

We usually leave our guest bedroom doors closed for a few reasons: 1. to keep down the a/c bill; 2. to keep the cat off of the beds and out from under the baby's bed (yes, she likes to hide there). I accidentally left Troy's bedroom door open yesterday and this is what Brian saw when he went to shut the door:

I made cupcakes yesterday and when I was pouring the filling, I wondered if it could be a sign? Cupcakes for an upcoming Birthday? Hmmm....would be nice! But, for now, both Brian and I are enjoying hanging out together and not having any worries. Our jobs have allowed us to stay at home for now (of course we're working) which is wonderful. I cannot say how thankful I am for the entire situation. If you know me, you know how I love to plan ahead of time and don't like to do things last minute. Well, this pregnancy has kept me more laid back than I ever thought I'd be. I thank the Lord for that - He knows how to take care of me!
In closing, thank you to everyone for the calls, messages, texts and emails. We really appreciate them. We promise to update the blog and facebook when we think we may be closer to having this baby! Have a good night!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

WOOHOO! Exciting!!

nick, robyn and taylor said...

I look forward to hearing (reading) the news whevever he arrives!