Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rollin' and Bouncin'

Someone just started rolling over - from front to back. He did it first on February 1st but I wanted to make sure it was the "real deal" before recording him. He's quite proud of himself, or confused, I don't know.
Here he is this morning doing his thing! I apparently didn't have much light on so sorry about the darkness!

This past weekend, he was taking a nap. At first, we didn't let him have a blanket. But, he was restless so we gave him his pacifier and his little monkey blanket (it's pretty small). Several minutes later, we checked on him and below is what we found. Look closely. It's dark (again) but this time because we turn the lights off when he's napping. But, the monkey is over his head, his pacifier is doing a balancing act on top of his nose and he's "fantom" sucking his pacifier. Hope you can see it!

Lastly, here he is in his jumperoo. He likes it, too.


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The Parrish's said...

I can't get the video to work:(

Anonymous said...

I can't either :-(