Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Saints, a Photo a Day, stuff

My friends Greg and Penny asked if I wanted to be a part of taking a photo a day. While my secret New Year's resolution was to take my camera places with me, I wasn't going to commit to such a huge thing! But, as most other things, having an accountability partner (or two in this case), makes it easier somehow to get it done. When my husband reads this, it'll be the first time he's heard of it. Honey, it isn't personal, only Greg and Penny know (or they did anyway). Here is my link. Nothing exciting by any means but something to do, I guess.

A very, very good friend of mine saw a post I put on here yesterday. Within a few minutes (less than 5), I removed the post. Something happened yesterday and all I can do is pray. I strongly believe God wanted her to see that post. She's a strong Christian woman and is always telling me she loves me. How sweet is that? She's wonderful - thank you girl! No, I'm not ready (nor do I know if I will be) to give details on this blog about what happened.

Lastly, and on a more cheerful note, the SAINTS won the Super Bowl. It's been very interesting to me to see many people jump on the Saints bandwagon. My husband is a Dolphins fan and, growing up, I didn't care about the NFL. When we moved to Southeastern Louisiana, I instantly became a Saints fan. Their games were the first NFL games I attended. And, although they were horrible, I became a fan in 2000. Now, 10 years later, they have accomplished so much. Who DAT! I'm almost sick of hearing/seeing/reading about it but it is pretty exciting! Two years ago they still weren't any good. Our family of three (minus the cat) wore our Saints garb on Sunday. Man, I should have taken a picture! That may be one I'll have to pose soon! I made Troy (before he was born) a Saints bubble. While it's too cold to wear it, it fits now so he wears it anyway!


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Mommy and Daddy said...

I wondered about that blog post... I didn't read it... it was MIA... but this makes more sense now I that I know you removed it. I kept getting an update on my Google Reader that said you posted something titled Today, but when I went to your blog it was the Rollin' post. I was hoping all was ok. No need to explain further, He knows and I will pray!!