Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Troy at Five Months

So do you think his face looks thinner here? Be honest - I think it might just be the blue, I don't know? Let's see, at 5 months, Troy is somewhere around 19 pounds, 4 ounces. Still wearing size 3 diapers and size Medium gdiapers. We are still using cloth diapers and it is not a big deal at all. I am planning on monogramming a couple of them, just for fun!
Troy is definitely rolling over from front to back. He still doesn't like to be on his stomach so he immediately rolls over. It's like a game to me but he eventually gets tired of me putting him on his stomach over and over. He's very, very close to sitting up independently. He can do it but for only a few seconds. His large belly seems to help hold him up well. His favorite toy is a Lamaze butterfly. It will entertain him for many minutes. The jumperoo and floor mat are also major favorites. He doesn't seem to want to do anything for more than 15-20 minutes at a time.
He is sleeping from 8 or 9 until 5 or 6 most days. We moved him to his bed this past week. Yep, we've had him in the pack n play for ALMOST 5 months!! We can honestly say he lived in the office for about 4 1/2 months of his life. The office is on the same side of the house as our room which is why we put him closer to us.
Oh and Troy is a flirt. Big. Time. He loves to stare people down until they look at him, at which time he throws out his huge, open mouth smile. He's just so darn happy - it's hard not to smile back at him. Laughing is a favorite, too. He's extremely ticklish and seems to love it. He gets so tickled he ends up with the hiccups - which is daily.
It snowed in Auburn (and pretty much the rest of Alabama) on the 12th of February. I was already off of work and Brian's work closed at noon. The snow was soft and fluffy. So much fun. Below are a few photos taken. We are grateful that we were actually in town for this snow!
At Samford Hall:
Our house covered in snow:
Troy in his rocking chair the day after it snowed (now those are some chubby cheeks):
Samford Hall - the students had some major snowball fights going on this day which was pretty cool!
You remember Auburn's coach the year before last? Tommy Tuberville. Well, his mom lives around the corner from us. Her house went on the market a couple of weeks ago, was under contract in less than a week. That contract fell through so it's on the market again. If you live in our area and are looking for a home, it is nice and the neighbors beside her home are great people. I think it's so sweet that she is moving to Texas to be near him. Well, she told a friend of ours (who looked at the house yesterday) that her "son" had already bought her a home there but she hasn't seen it yet. Awesome! I think that's pretty awesome. Of course she goes where he goes. There is a huge moving truck on the street today so she's moving today. I predict that the house will be under contract quickly again. Ours is a very kid-friendly neighborhood and tucked back a little so there isn't a lot of traffic.
We are having Troy Christened this weekend. So excited to dedicate and promise him that we will raise him in the church. We aren't actually raising him - God is. All we can do is perform what we feel He is guiding us to do. It's so hard to know what to do but we know God's perfect grace will lead us the way we should. All we can do is pray for that guidance. We're praying for safe travels for our family coming from out of town.
Finally, thank you for the emails, calls and prayers about my health. I'm so, so much better! While I have a teeny tiny amount of swelling in my knee, it feels much better. My back/hips are much better and my running shoes are seeing some action again. Hallelujah!


Kat said...

This is Kathleen. I got yours and Mary's blogs from someone else's friends list, maybe Mrs. Sherry's, i can't remember. Anyway, just thought I would say hey! I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing how you are doing! Troy is really cute. I just had a little girl 3 months ago, it is the best thing in the world!

holly said...

really...cloth diapers? i've always wondered about that. what made you decide to do it, and about how much do you spend a month on it?

Courtney and Brad said...

hey elise! love the snow pictures! brad and I are coming to Au for the basketball game on feb 27...we would love to see you guys! please let your friends having the baby if they ever need someone to talk to I would love to share our stories!

Donna said...

Such a precious boy! He reminds me of how Marky was- I had to move him every 15 minutes or so. I said I had "centers" and we moved from one to the next all day until he got sleepy! I was so sad to read about your knee- I'm glad you are back on your meds and feeling better.

bear said...

I love your new look and all the snow pics! Troy is just getting cuter and cuter as he gets older. I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading tonight. FB takes up too much time sometimes!