Thursday, February 11, 2010


Since we're almost at the end of this week, I should post something about last weekend, right?
We hosted, with several other couples, a baby shower for dear friends of ours. Unfortunately I didn't take photos of everything. But, it was pretty for sure! It was very special, too. We had over 50 guests (5-0) in our house. I still cannot believe everyone fit and had room to move around! But, they did and needless to say (although I may), I was a bit concerned with the logistics. We have never had so many folks in our house at once. We had homemade lasagna, salads, desserts and dips before the real meal. It all fit, we used our kitchen to cook the lasagnas and I can't believe it was all done in time! I think it was marvelous.

Anyway, the shower was for a very, very special couple. This couple means more to me and Brian than we can say. I won't get into detail because I haven't asked their permission but I'll say that they have endured a lot over the past 14 months. They have overcome major obstacles and have remained strong in their faith. In fact, just from observing them, I'd have to say they are stronger in their love of Christ and they realize his undying grace more than I have been able to imagine. God is blessing them with a little girl, to be here on March 19th. We are so excited! And, it's a girl! YAY!

Below are a couple of photos, of the Mrs. guest of honor with her mother and of the hostesses. I don't really like the quality of the photos but hey, I'm still working on getting better at indoor light without a flash, right? I have SO much to learn but don't want to spend hours upon hours each day learning....what's a girl to do?!

Two days ago it was raining here a lot. As I mentioned in my last post, I've committed myself to taking a photo a day. I'm not saying I'll post a photo a day and I know I won't put them on this blog. They'll be going to my flickr account. So, back to my story about 2 days ago. Well, I didn't go outside that much but when I did I wore my crocs (are others still wearing these) and thinking that I should be wearing my rainboots. Well, yesterday my photo of the day was the one below. I have the cutest (in my opinion) rainboots. Their designer boots a friend gave me no less than 5 years ago. I love them but yesterday was the first time I've taken them outside. In. Five. Years. What is wrong with me? Anywho, I also have a photo of my running shoes. They haven't seen much action lately. I got the shoes for Christmas and by now I should have over 200 miles on them. I'd be surprised if they have 20 miles on them. I'm glad to say that I can at least run a 5k. I've signed up for a 5k leg of the Mercedes Marathon relay this weekend. I don't want to walk but if I have to, I will. A year ago, I was 11 weeks pregnant, feeling pretty good and running "slow" to finish in under 27 minutes for my 5k leg of the relay. I was taking it easy because I was pregnant (no one knew at this point besides Brian). I'm hoping I can finish in under 32 minutes. It's a hard reality for me for some reason.

The below photo is outside our house at sunrise this morning. I thought the sky was very pretty. I only stepped on our back porch to take this. I wonder if the strange colors means the snow prediction will come true....only time will tell!

On another hand, do any of you have like a million photo accounts? Seriously....a lot??? I have a smugmug account, a picasa account, an HP account, shutterfly, snapfish and now a flickr account. I might even have more out "there" in cyber land but I can't recall them right now. Why do I have so many? Can't make up my mind? Want to try out the print and storing capabilities, navigation capabilities? I don't know. My new flickr account is because I was conned by Greg and Penny.


jenniferbernheim said...

Elyse - I just want to say that you look amazing in this photo. You don't look like you ever had a child - wow! A beautiful mommy and beautiful baby boy! Love that you're trying to take a photo a day... maybe I'll try that with our new little one.