Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cloth Diaperin'

Why? Well, for the cost, the environment and because they’re so darn cute!

I chose the highest-rated-least-expensive route I could find. I’ve only used gdiapers. I have about a dozen now. Started out by purchasing one pack of 6 – this came to $11 per diaper. My husband saw them and said, “What’s up with the weird vanilla and orange colored ones, don’t they have more boy-ish ones?”. My answer was, “yes, they do, but they cost a lot more. If I’m going to get you on board with this cloth diapering thing, I’d like to make sure I don’t waste a lot of money.” No comment was received. Anywhoo…I did not purchase any of the biodegradable refills (or gfills) because they’re over .40 cents each – more than a disposable diaper. I might get a wild hair and buy some cute, decorative ones at one point. I have monogrammed one of his diapers - why not, right?

So here’s what we have: about a dozen gdiapers. You can see the snap-in liner in the middle, left (came with the gdiapers):

You have to purchase the inserts (absorbent part) separately to go inside the liners. A few extra inserts:
Even some cloth wipes. I asked some people from support group and they suggested I try Abby’s Lane if I was going to purchase a few things and they have FREE SHIPPING! Compared the prices to amazon and it was about the same. I purchased the following wipes: thirsties, happy heiny and swaddlebees. They're all good and useful in and of themselves.

Then I purchased a “pail” liner from Abby’s Lane. I placed it in a regular garbage can with a lid which seems to keep everything tidy, clean and smelling good.

And a waterproof bag for the diaper bag. The one below from Planet Wise is nice because it has 2 zipper sections. One is for the dirty stuff and the other is for the clean stuff. I got a recipe for a wipe liquid form my friend Lindsay. It's very simple: baby oil, baby soap and water. Smells good and works great.

We have even taken them out of town and used only cloth diapers. No accidents, no messed up outfits – it was awesome! If you don't change the diaper every 2-3 hours, you may end up with a wet diaper but other than that, there aren't any issues. B is totally on board, too. I was very surprised but for now, it really hasn't been an issue. We've been at this for about 2 months and so far, so good!

There are some extra steps to take to clean them. I use Charlie's liquid soap, about 1/4 of a cap to a small load. Use hot water, set to soak for 30 minutes, add a 2nd rinse, wash every 2 days and dry in a medium dryer.


Jennifer said...

We use Bum Genius and I LOVE them! I know everyone thinks I'm crazy for using them, but they are saving us a ton of money!