Thursday, March 18, 2010

Parking Lot Stalkers/Hoarders

You know who you are. The ones who ride around the parking lot looking for the "best" spot you can find. You want to get inside Target or Wal-Mart but can't walk an extra 25 yards to get to the door. I know you. I watch you while I drive myself to the very back of the parking lot and park. By the time I'm in the door, you're still driving around trying to find that perfect parking spot.

Today, I'm at Wal-Mart driving around, trying to find a decent spot, find one and I'm in. The person whose spot I took left her cart just hanging out - not put up. So I figure I'll take that one (I'll get back to that in a minute). Wal-Mart is not my most favorite place, right? I sanitize the cart, put a seat thingy on the cart and stick Troy in it (no, I'm not really a germaphobe). I'm glad I did because he IMMEDIATELY sticks his entire mouth on the handle. Ladies and gentlemen, please don't just trust that those handles are clean because they're not - my child apparently likes to try to eat them!

So in we go, I get all of my stuff, check out and I'm out the door. I see those stalkers driving around. I make it to my car (and yes, I did have a pretty good parking spot). Park the cart at the back of the car, open the liftgate and before I even start loading my stuff in it, I hear it...that oblivious vehicle's roaring engine right behind me. I slowly turn my head to the right and there is a woman in the car with her blinker on as if to proclaim to the other stalkers that my currently occupied spot is HERS. She's taking it. Don't get in her way because she WILL get in yours. I'm not a fan of throwing things in the car - you know, things need to stay in order. So, as I unload my stuff, all I can hear is her car. I wonder if she realizes I have a baby. Of course she does! He's right THERE! Everything gets loaded, I shut the back and.....well, I can't just leave the cart hanging. This is my pet peeve. You ask me about my pet peeve over the last 10+ years and it is when people don't put their carts up! Had she rolled down her window and said she'd take my cart, I would have left that sucker. She didn't. I walked the cart to it's home and left her properly stowed. Carried Troy back to the car, placed him in the carseat, walked around, started the car, backed up and on we went.

So back to the deserted cart. Why? Seriously, why do people leave their carts in parking lots. You're pregnant? OH, okay.....wait, I was pregnant before, too. I still put mine up. Yes, my pregnancy was easy so maybe I should show a little patience in that arena. What? What did you say? You have a BABY! That's right, I would think that would make things harder, too. Guess what? I have a baby, too. I can still put my groceries up, drive my baby in the cart to put it up and still make it back to my car to put him in the carseat. Hmmmm.....

Just finding that interesting today (insert smiley face here)!!! I'm totally not bitter but I often think about that. The lady whose spot I took in the parking lot was pregnant. She probably put more effort in shoving the cart on top of the curve when she could have just walked it to its home.

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Shana said...

amen. i love when you get all fumed up about something. I remember some of those times when we lived in the sorority house. LOVE YOU!

holly said...

wait 'til you have 2 babies. you might leave a cart in the parking lot. maybe only when your toddler is throwing a fit, and you must get her in the car, and you have another baby on your hip, and you just want to get everyone home, your groceries unloaded and kids in bed. i'm just sayin'. it could happen ;)

Eve said...

You took the words out of my mouth, Holly! That's why I shop at Publix. They bring your groceries to the car for you and take the cart away. I do try to park next to a cart return place, but sometimes it's just not possible.