Monday, March 1, 2010

Troy's Christening

I'm quite late at posting due to being busy at home, going out of town and just not taking the time to sit down and blog.
Troy was Christened (or dedicated) on Sunday, February 21st. B and I want to be good role models for him, raise him in the church, pray for him, pray with him and generally plant the seeds God leads us to plant in an effort to lead him in the correct direction. We pray he will accept Christ into his heart one special day. Sunday was absolutely beautiful. After having some cold and crazy (snow, rain) weather, God really made the day perfect! The ceremony was at our church, Cornerstone UMC in Auburn. Ironically, the four other children dedicated were in our small group! One would assume that we planned it but none of us did. We still are in awe with that situation!

We had friends and family come to witness this special day including my mom, dad, B's parents, Grandma, Mamama, Crawford, Jeff, Amy, Jake, Brooke, Lanier, Jeannie, Becky, Bill, Hank, Anna, Mary, Josh, Colt, Kenny, Jennifer, Evelyn, Eve, Reagan, Doug, Bucky, Meredith, Claire, Greg, Michelle, Laura, Jack and Alan. With the help of Memama, we had a few appetizers, salad, lasagna and a cute cake with Troy's name, a cross and Proverbs 22:6 written below the cross. I think we had 33 people?

He was a ham. And, I mean a HAM! We joked that he was the youngest child, with the least amount of hair and the most fabric. While we stood in front of the church, he babbled the WHOLE time! Thankfully Josh got it on camera. He was so sweet, too! Thanks to Evelyn for taking about 250 photos at the house - it has taken me a while to go through them all!
I haven't taken the time to edit any of these photos but I thought I should go ahead and post them now anyway!
I have so many photos of the day but can only put a few on here at a time. I've included a few of my favorites.
Here is my mom and me with T and the gown that we worked so hard to make...
Most of our family made it for the photo. We are missing Rebecca, Amy, Brooke and Bill.
I love this photo of Jeannie with Troy. She has a great smile.
I love this photo of Jennifer and Colt. He was all about some JuJu!
Me and Mary with our boys.

KK and Troy:
The invitation:

The cake:

Our small group is so special and we are very grateful to be a part of such a loving, praying and special community. If you have a special prayer request, our small group has your back, 110%. It's truly amazing. Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed with the response (multiple emails) but I'm grateful for the consistency and dedication. Katie graciously took many photos for us and I'm so grateful! Thank you Katie! Below is a photo of most of the folks from our small group. We're missing two couples...doesn't look so small in this photo, I guess! You'll see the "Love Wins" sign. One of the men in our group was baptized that Sunday. He was Jewish!

The night before the dedication (and before our friends/family came over to eat), Brian and I went to a Masquerade Ball. I was a bit tired after planning and preparing the meals and the house so it was nice to have a little break. Memama and Grandy babysat. Thanks guys!
Before we left to go out:

My little man...He is so charming! his first word is Mama. Not kidding. He first said "Ma" right at 5 months. I went out of town for the first time without him (overnight), came back and he was saying Mama like it was going out of style. I have to admit that I've been working on him with it a lot! I'll post a video of it soon if I can figure out how to get it from my phone onto the pc.


Caroline said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the picture of him in the rocking chair. You guys did a great job on the gown. I'm so glad the dedication went well for you and that your family was able to be there. :-)

Lele said...

He is such a beautiful boy! I love seeing pictures of him.

meredith.street said...

My favorite picture is the one of the three of you by the cake. I love all of your expressions. We were so happy to share such a special day with your special family :)

Donna said...

What beautiful pictures- that gown is nothing short of amazing- and you look so pretty too Elyse! I love your dress at the christening! How fun to have a big celebration for your wittle handsome man! Glad you pulled it off- with a masquerade ball thrown in too!