Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Can I say that I'm glad hump day is just about over? I'm not one to be ready for a few days to be over but I am today! It's just been one of those weeks. I'm still working part time but it seems to be more than that sometimes. I'm grateful for my job, I love what I do but sometimes things get a bit hectic. This week (and the weeks before) have been that way. So, supposedly my week of work is over. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
One of my good friends is getting married soon. A group of us are throwing her an engagement party. It will be interesting to go shopping at Sam's with Troy and buy the beer, wine and some food for the group. Hmmm....
Anyway, happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone (although the day is just about over). Troy was sporting his onesie I appliqued. I usually use computer generated appliques but have toyed around with cutting them out myself and applying them without the hoop or a computer. I'm not happy with the top but it was fun to try something new! He wore it to the support group last week. I hope the other moms don't think I'm crazy with the amount of clothes this child has hand made and appliqued (that rhymes).
Oh yeah, and this past weekend T-man got to ride in his wagon for the first time. We stuffed it with a quilt I made the first year we were married (almost 10 years ago) because we were afraid he would get tired of sitting up and would plump right over. He decided to "hang" his arm over the side. Reminded me of someone who would ride low in a car.
So lastly, our friend's boy, Alan, turned a year a couple of weeks ago. His Birthday party was last weekend. It was neat for Troy to go to his first friends' first birthday!


Caroline said...

No the other mamas don't think you're crazy - the other mamas are *jealous*. (At least I am! :-P) I looooove all of Troy's little outfits!

BTW, he looks so cute in his wagon!