Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where have I been?

I have thought about this blog but have been doing other things. Let's see, we went on a little getaway to PCB. Yes, PCB! We recalled that we had not been there since the summer before my Sophomore year in college. That was with Student Government. Brian and I both served with SGA. We couldn't remember where we stayed but did remember the great times that were had!

So Troy stayed with us the first night and was great! The resort where we stayed played a movie at one of the pools Thursday night. Troy didn't quite watch it but would glance at it once in a while. Overall, it was very relaxing and he went to sleep like a champ! Of course we had to stay in our room earlier than we probably would have because it would have been illegal to leave him there, but what is there to do on your 10th anniversary when you're pregnant anyway, right?

Memama and Grandy kept him the rest of the weekend and we enjoyed watching a movie, eating out, hanging out, shopping and relaxing. We did have a great time. Ten years ago I probably wouldn't have pictured myself going to Florida on a vacation to celebrate our anniversary. However, things have changed, my viewpoint has changed and I would have not wanted to do anything other than what we did. Hawaii will have to wait - until the kids are older and I'm not pregnant!
I'm leaving this with a few of my favorite photos of our weekend. Brian put Troy on his shoulders for the first time - uh, when he didn't try to eat Brian's hair...and loved it!
My little tiger...
He was very interested in the water and didn't mind getting wet. It was too rough to go out with him.
This hand went straight to his mouth.
First boat ride and he LOVED it!
Walking in the sand for the first time.


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Very good pictures!~