Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Wow, Thanksgiving has come and gone. We had a wonderful time...traveling to Niceville, then to Wetumpke and finally to Hope Hull.
Lots of food, fun and some relaxation. I drug Brian out for a Thanksgiving morning jog (our own little 5k turkey trot). Why doesn't the Niceville/Destin/Ft. Walton beach area have a turkey trot?
Unfortunately (which is usually the case lately), I didn't get many photos in Niceville...although we had a nice time.
This little guy didn't want to take naps. Like me, I think he wants to stay active - all-the-time! He was in the best mood, though. He started saying "tate" for our nephew, Jake. Other new words: "how de do", "that's daddy", "I see you daddy", "I yuv you", "pees" for please and "A B C F", "off" and "onk" for on.
T loves being held by Grandy

My little boy wishes he was big. He tried running and keeping up with the bigger "kids".
At KK's. Maybe he sort of looks like his dad? I'm so bad at being able to tell anyway.
I find myself better at taking photos during get-togethers when people ask me to. Which is why there are more photos at my mom's house. Papa and KK trying for their Christmas card. I like this one. If only I had a video camera behind me showing B jumping around in circles to get the kids to laugh.
Wonder what he was thinking...
My little tiger. Amazing how black sort of covers up my large belly.
The little boys (18 months, 14 months and 17 months) playing with the corn hole game. I love their expressions!
Lastly, we went to my Grandmother's for lunch on Sunday. Turkey and oyster soup, fresh picked veggies from the garden and great company.
Something interesting happened on Sunday. I don't feel that it's appropriate to memorialize here but I do want to remember when/what day this happened. I'm praying for a miracle. I hope you will, too.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peek a Boo

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall outfits for boys

Oh how I love sewing, oh how I love sewing, oh, how I love sewing......because it first loved me!

Yes, that's a church hymn.....that I've changed a bit and hum in my head sometimes. It doesn't go for cutting out fabric, though. I don't love that.
Here are a few things I've made lately. I loved the fabric for these pants I made. Troy is sporting them today - on his 14 months in existence!
Troy's one year outfit.

For a friend...
Another outfit for a friend.
Yeah, I've done quite a few monograms and appliques. Just don't always take pictures of those.


I am overwhelmed with love for him...

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Did I forget that I was pregnant? No. Not - at - all. I just forget to write about it. Things are going good so far. I'm larger than I was at this point when pregnant with Troy. Friends, and even people who aren't friends tell me how good I look. I'm not saying this because I think I look good - quite the opposite. But I LOVE to hear it! Don't you? Pregnant or not, it just sounds good and makes you feel good. Funny that I only hear that when I'm pregnant. Maybe I'm cuter when I'm fatter! Lol!

Justin is rolling, kicking and turning like a crazy baby already. He gets to hear the baby plus usually twice a day (sometimes once depending on how busy my morning is). I'm sure it's his favorite time of the day.

Still running (ran a 5k race on Halloween), just not as much as before. I think that's a good thing. I'm listening to my body. At 24 weeks, I ran 4.2 miles - not too bad. I run anywhere from 3-4 miles on the weekend and 2-3 miles, sometimes a bit more, twice during the week. Gilad and I have a 30 minute workout together at least twice a week. He just makes me laugh, too. I have a couple of pregnancy videos that I will do once or twice a week. While not super challenging, it's good to work out in front of some other pregnant people (albeit on tv).

I have realized that when I was pregnant with Troy, I didn't keep up or write about what exercising I actually completed each week. It was a lot - let me tell you. Much more than now. I have convinced myself that chasing around a toddler has made up for some of that lack of exercise. I miss the pool and swimming laps but I'd rather have extra sleep and some extra time with T and B than go swimming right now.

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Halloween Celebrations

The School of Architecture at Auburn has, on the Friday before Halloween (normally, I think), a pumpkin carving contest. It is one of the neatest things. The students have from that morning until 5 or so that evening to carve pumpkins. Troy quite enjoyed looking at the "puntins" and wanted so badly to touch them.

We ran into 3 of the 5 kids who also go to Goli (and Goli herself). They absolutely adore him (according to their parents) and were running to get their picture made with him. Their parents all work in the School of Architecture (which is how we found out about the whole thing).
This one was, in my opinion, the most outstanding. It was "skinned" and carved.
A few of the other pumpkins.

Troy wanted to touch the pumpkins so badly!

B got to go to the Auburn/Ole Miss game in Oxford and KK was so sweet to come and help out with Troy. He had a ball!
On Halloween was a little get together we had with some of the dressed up children. Claire led the pack as Cinderella and was quite impressive on her first trick or treating excursion. Troy could hardly wait to take the tiger adornment off of his head.

The little pack (minus Cosby).
Lizzy and Alex came over, dressed up, and handed out candy. They were a hoot! Lizzy is supposed to be a bear but was called everything but.

The only photo of parents I took. Worth it to get the to chickens!
AT's costume - very cute.
Goli also had a Halloween celebration, including a birthday party for Laura. I mean, what's up with all of the Halloween celebrations? Don't get me wrong, I think it's great but goodness!
T had to play kitchen first and get himself ready to eat.
Laura is the cutest little thing; she turned three.

Goli's group. One child doesn't stay with her anymore during the day but came to celebrate. The kids absolutely love her and come back often to visit. I'm very glad Troy has been watched by her.

T loves, loves, loves cupcakes!
I took these the next day (yes, after Halloween) because everytime I tried to get shots of him in his costume, they were a disaster. These are the best I could get. He's just always on the move!

He's carrying around a handheld battleship game.
Loved the tail!