Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

Oh what a wonderful Christmas was had by the Corbitt household! Memama and Grandy came early and provided endless entertainment for T. He is especially loving his new trike and trampoline (below). Lucky kid!


Santa brought, among a couple of other things…toothbrushes which will go down as the favorite for the day!


We packed up the sleigh and headed to Hope Hull. Here I am with my sisters and cousin (and our boys, of course!).

With sisters and steven

My baby sister with her baby belly. She is due 4 weeks before me.

Elyse and Rebecca bellies

Then onto Wetumpka we flew! A snow on Christmas day! What a wonderful surprise!

E, T and B

These two cousins have begun to notice each other. It is great seeing them grow!

colt and troy A heart for Coltcolt through herat

A little kettlebear….

colt with kettlebear shirt   A piano can provide many minutes of fun for toddlers.T hands on piano

And so can a rocking chair.

   t in the chair   

And more time on the piano.

T with piano

The girls…

with family girls  Then off we went to Birmingham.

Apparently licks from dogs while eating dinner is fun.


And Karayoke….wonder what next year will be like?


More karayoke before dinnertime.


This Christmas was so much fun! We talked about Jesus and his miraculous birth. Our candlelight service was moving.  I thought about the fears Mary must have had before he was born. My thought process has been much different being pregnant during Christmastime!

Troy, although the youngest child, fit right in and played like a champ. He recently feels like he doesn’t need a nap when we are around a lot of people which works out just fine.

A cold or allergy spell for me made an interesting night for me after Christmas. Good thing I love Ricola – yummy!


holly said...

Eli wore the same little vest and pants outfit...probably the same size as Troy too! E is a peanut ;)