Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OH What a Day/Night

So yesterday was a crazy day. The night before started with a winter storm warning. With B gone to the BCS Championship game, I prayed that the good Lord would protect me and Troy and keep us warm. He came through for us and kept us safe and warm. Thank goodness.

Pretty much stranded at home due to ice on the roads, T and I were able to hang out all day. Trying to incorporate work was well, interesting to say the least.

We did venture outside that morning and here is what we found: ice on bush ice on pinestraw and ground ice on tree limb icicles on car icycles on fire hydrant icycles on fire hydrant_edited-1

T noticed the fire hydrant and was quite interested in the icicles. That is until….uh, his fingers got cold. Someone should have put some gloves on that child’s fingers!

troy with icycles

The day went on and the university in the town where we live had a football game on TV that night we watched. It was a pretty big game, starting at 7:30. Troy went to bed about 7:15. After our local team won, we went to this little corner downtown where people like to throw toilet paper in the trees….

Toomer's Corner

troy in car going to toomer'stoomer's sign

Lizzy came and helped out…a LOT! Thanks L!

Lizzy and T

E with TE pregnant holding Tlooking down Magnolia @ Toomer's Michelle, AT, T and E toomer's 1 toomer's 2 toomerToomer's 3 toomer's

Oh yeah, that team won the national championship. It had been since 1957…that would be before my mother was even born. My grandmother called me today and was talking about how excited she was! I love the thought of my Mamama staying up until almost midnight watching

this football game.tshirt at toomer's

War Eagle!!!